This page contains links to some of my academic papers (excluding the majority which are on History of Philosophy) that are currently available on the Web. In most cases the printed version will differ slightly from those given here, due to publisher's house style modifications etc. In some, the papers here are to be preferred, either because they contain slight improvements (e.g. addition of more recent references – such improvements always being noted in the text) or, more seriously (e.g. in the case of the 1990 Joint Session paper) because the published paper contained serious misprints introduced after proof stage.

Publications on Hume ...

Publications and talks on Hume and the History of Modern Philosophy are not included here, but are collected together on the website


Logic and Language

Mind and Computers

Philosophy of Religion

Moral Philosophy

  • (1983), 'Hare on Moral Thinking', Philosophical Quarterly 33 pp. 207-11
  • (1992), 'The Complex Problem of Abortion', in D. Bromham, M. Dalton, J. Jackson & P. Millican (eds), Philosophical Ethics in Reproductive Medicine, Springer Verlag, pp. 161-188, 13,500 words
  • (2000), 'Abortion', in The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought, eds Adrian Hastings, Alistair Mason, and Hugh Pyper, Oxford University Press, pp. 3-4, 1,500 words


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David Hume